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When Hijama is done, this improves the circulation and allows a healthy blood flow around the entire body including the womb area. Which in return helps with conception; therefore any stagnant blood is removed along with extra waste in the blood.

At Sunnah Beauty London this is definitely a concern we have heard and dealt with many times. Sisters are turning towards the natural, Sunnah way of treating PCOS, infertility, period issues and others problems related to conceiving or in general to help resolve the problems related to our menses. You are definitely not alone in this and should know that before you turn to the last result of trying out IVF. Hijama is worth trying out and we have seen many positive results. Alhamdulilah.

What happens in Hijama for fertility?

Firstly it is important to know that both men and females can have fertile issues, so Hijama Is suitable for both. There are points for Hijama on the back and stomach beneficial in removing those stagnant, bad blood to help better your circulation and in return boost chances of successful pregnancies. If Allah Wills.

Whether it is hormonal imbalance or re-balancing hormones and detoxing the body. Hijama/ Cupping therapy is a great way to flush out toxins and helps assist females in producing fresh ovum's.

Tip: One small tip for all the brothers and sisters. Never lose hope, have faith in Allah, Keep praying and doing your best to try whatever Allah has made permissible to having a Child. Hijama is a blessed Sunnah of Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who said Hijama cures many diseases except death. So when you start your treatment stay steadfast.

Contact Sunnah Beauty London to get a free consultation and yourself started with a treatment plan to begin your detox, health journey the true Sunnah way.

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